They carry us all day long during our whole lives, and yet, we constantly neglect them. Indeed, the right actions to maintain the health of your feet are still unknown by the majority, which leads to complications that could be avoided. As with everything related to health, when it comes to foot care, it’s essential to integrate good habits into your routine to ensure better podiatric health.

1. Daily care

Like all our body parts, the feet must be cleaned particularly well, and on a regular basis. The peculiarity of the feet lies in the fact that the toes hide spaces that are conducive to moisture and bacteria, areas that we tend to forget about from day to day. It’s therefore essential that you don’t hesitate to bend over in the shower to soap up not only all of your feet, but also your nails. You should also consider paying attention to the drying, which must be done carefully, between each toe.

2. Regular pedicures

Taking the time to look after your feet once a week is one of the good habits that you won’t regret. Far from being as long and extensive as professional pedicures, those performed at home let you take care of your feet.

First of all, contrary to what you might be used to, you should avoid letting your feet soak in the water. When done incorrectly, this step may have the effect of drying out your skin. You should therefore start by gently exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin using a pumice stone, for example. This should be applied more vigorously to the calluses and more gently to the soles of the feet. After that, you should look into nail care by delicately pushing back the cuticles and cutting the nails with nail clippers without getting too close to the skin and avoiding making the corners too round. Finally, you should moisturize your feet in depth with a nourishing lotion, paying special attention to the heels and rough areas, where absorption can be more difficult.

3. The right shoes

Unless you live in the wild or on the edge of an exotic beach, your feet spend most of the time locked away in shoes – one element that we still tend to forget when choosing our pair for the season. To take care of your feet, you must first choose comfortable shoes that fit you properly. Shoes that are too tight can cause problems over the long term, as can pointed tips, which don’t leave room for the toes to move and can cause calluses and ingrown toenails. Then, you should opt for shoes that breathe and allow air to circulate. Materials such as leather, or even open-toed shoes in the summer, are ideal for people who tend to sweat a lot from this part of the body.

4. Break times

In our modern lives and our cold countries, our feet stay locked away in stockings, shoes, or boots much of the time. And yet, this part of our body, like the others, needs to breathe in order to develop healthily. You should therefore get into the habit of avoiding socks when you’re at home, and don’t hesitate to take your shoes off in the summer. The same goes for nail polish, which you should let breathe for a few days per month. This will help them get rid of chemical residues, which tend to stifle them, and prevent discoloration.

5. Treatments with care

Whether it’s for a pedicure or to treat athlete’s foot, for anything related to the feet, we recommend relying on a professional and staying away from amateur services and self-serve products. These could make the situation worse. The health of your feet, like that of any other part of your body, requires the advice of a healthcare professional.

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