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About PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic:

The team of the PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic welcomes you in a courteous and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Aissam and his team are very available for your treatments and will help you get answers to all your questions.

Located right next to the St-Michel metro station, the St-Michel clinic also has the latest technological tools for the treatment of many podiatric problems. In particular, the equipment available is used to effectively and painlessly cure your foot problems. This podiatric clinic thus has all the expertise required to meet all your needs.

Trust our team to get you back on your feet and allow you to resume your daily activities as soon as possible.

Saint-Michel Podiatric Clinic
Dr. Aissam Jerraf

About Dr. Aissam Jerraf:

Dr. Aissam Jeraff, a graduate in Podiatric Medicine at UQTR and also having completed an internship at the famous NYCPM and Metropolitan Hospital in New York, is a passionate, attentive podiatrist who listens to his patients. In addition to his very current approach to podiatry treatments, Dr. Jerraf makes sure to stay abreast of the latest advances in podiatric medicine.

In order to further develop his practice in minor foot surgery, Dr. Jerraf does not hesitate to participate in training initiatives outside the province.

Dr. Jerraf represents the right health care professional for your foot problems. He will be happy to find the most appropriate solution to address all your foot concerns.

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