Athlete's foot treatment in Montreal

What is it ?

Athlete’s feet is a fungal infection caused by microorganisms that develop in the presence of moisture, heat and lack of light.


Is it contagious ?

Yes. The infection can be transmitted from a person to another but also from skin to nails making the healing more difficult.

What does it look like ?

The infected skin becomes white and damp. It cracks and then detaches itself.

These macerated lesions can be malodorous and cause itching. In more severecases, cracked skin begins to bleed.

How is an athlete’s foot treated?

The podiatrist will first evaluate whether it is a real foot athlete or if it is another skin condition that resembles it (psoriasis, eczema …).

Once the diagnosis is established, the treatment consists of the application of an antifungal topical (cream, lotion …) combined with a good hygiene of the feet.

It is important not to take this condition lightly as it can cause serious complications in people at risk (diabetics for example).

In doubt consult your podiatrist.

While waiting to consult your podiatrist:
– wash your feet daily
– make sure you dry well your feet after shower, especially between the toes
– change socks as soon as they get wet
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