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Pain in the Big Toe : Is It Problematic ?

The pains that may be felt in our body can reveal different symptoms. Although only a doctor is able to make a real diagnosis, it’s important to know how to recognize certain signs, especially when they concern our feet. Indeed, hidden away in our shoes, they tend to...

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5 Health Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet

They carry us all day long during our whole lives, and yet, we constantly neglect them. Indeed, the right actions to maintain the health of your feet are still unknown by the majority, which leads to complications that could be avoided. As with everything related to...

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Bunion feet : Causes, Prevention, and Treatments

Often unsightly and sometimes painful, bunions are common foot deformities that can have several causes. Let’s shine a light on their origins, prevention, and treatments. What is a bunion? Also known as “hallux valgus,” a bunion is a displacement of the bones that...

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Foot corn: 5 Steps for Getting Rid of Them

When you walk a lot, especially with sandals in the summer, corns can appear on your feet after only a few days. Besides being unsightly, they gradually harden and expand and can become painful or even bleed if nothing is done about them. Follow our tips to regain...

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Heel Spurs : 6 Solutions for Relieving the Pain

Heel spurs and calcaneal spurs are two names for this common heel injury that’s painful and uncomfortable. A heel spur is in fact a calcification of the fascia in the heel, which may be caused by plantar fasciitis. In any event, a heel spur can only be seen on an...

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