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A pediatric podiatrist specializes in the osteo-musculo-articular system during the growth of the child. Indeed, at this time, and from an early age, the feet and joints are forming that allow for the acquisition of the ability to walk. If you notice that your child has flat feet, high arches, a club foot, or knock knees (genu valgum), if they frequently fall at school or while playing sports, or if they feel pain or fatigue, a consultation with a podiatrist specializing in pediatric podiatry is required. Don’t delay, and make an appointment with the PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic. We will be able to conduct a podiatric analysis of their supports and their steps to determine the best treatment to bring the child relief and reorient or support the foot, depending on the correction to be made.

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Pediatric podiatry is a field in its own right in the practice of podiatry in Québec. As children can be affected by foot problems that may have serious repercussions on the functioning of their lower limbs, we recommend a biomechanical examination of the feet to detect potential conditions. If your child has trouble walking, a complete examination makes it possible to evaluate the functioning of their feet, their posture, their gait, and their plantar pressure. We then make a three-dimensional mould of their feet to precisely correct the deviations and prescribe the type of orthotics and the appropriate material to meet their specific needs.

We test the orthotics and modify them right at the PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic, and then we follow up with the child to guarantee a scalable solution that constantly meets their needs and encourages healthy growth and the acquisition of a normal posture, while allowing them to move, play, and live their life as a child.

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