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Podiatric treatments

Podiatric treatments are performed by a qualified podiatrist. These foot cares consist of cutting nails and treatment of corns, calluses and are perfectly suited to the needs of each patient.

Treatment of ingrown toenails

Ingrown nails are frequent problems that, untreated, can become very painful and become infected. From conservative treatment to minor surgery, your podiatrist will offer you the most effective treatment depending on your condition.

Custom-made Orthotics

Those orthotics can be a treatment or a prevention tool. After a biomechanical examination and the elaboration of a diagnosis, your podiatrist realize a precise molding of your feet in order to obtain a custom-made orthotics , perfectly adapted to your needs.

Sports Podiatry

Regardless of the level of practice, the athlete’s feet are very stressed during the activity. A simple biomechanical evaluation can help prevent injury and even improve performance. In case of sports injury (tendonitis, sprains, nails trauma …) your podiatrist has a wide variety of treatments to help you return to your activity while preventing recurrences.

Biomechanical examination

To determine certain problems in posture, walking or running, the podiatrist will need to perform a biomechanical examination. This consists of an evaluation of the posture, an analysis of the walking gait and examination of the amplitudes of Movements.


Several pathologies appear at a very young age. Indeed, problems like the flat foot, hollow foot, knees that “go inside”, clubfoot are noticed by parents very early. If you have any questions or concerns about the approach or health of your child’s feet, your podiatrist is here to answer them.

Podiatric Dermatology

Several “spots” or “discolorations”, may appear on the level of the foot’s skin or even on the nails and the severity of those skin abnormalities needs to be determined. Foot dermatology can be complicated. Let your podiatrist simplify it for you.

Laser Nail Treatment (LunulaLaser)

The PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic is proud to offer its patients the latest generation of laser for the treatment of nail fungus. This new laser technology is approved by health canada for the treatment of this infection that affects a good part of our population.

This new Laser has the characteristics of being pain free and promoting blood circulation in the area of the nail, which allows your body to greatly fight against the mycosis. The laser effectively eliminates the infection in many patients.

Lunula combines two therapeutically wavelengths: 405 and 635 nm. Each is capable of stimulating a specific cascade to effectively and safely treat onychomycosis.

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