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An athlete’s feet go through a lot and require special care. Indeed, many athletic activities – such as tennis, running, football, or soccer – demand additional effort from the mechanics of the feet, with the result that the muscles get fatigued, performance is reduced, the repetitive movements cause blisters on the arch of the foot, back and muscle problems start to appear, and the risk of injuries increases.

If you or your child practice a sport and experience pain or discomfort in the feet or get tired quickly, a sports podiatrist can help you find relief. Book an appointment with the PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic to get a complete biomechanical assessment. We will also be able to detect the source of your posture, walking, or running problems and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Prevent injuries and

improve your performance

Prevent injuries and improve your performance

The podiatrist treats sports injuries that occur during activity, such as sprains, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and stress fractures, as well as nail and skin conditions that affect athletes. Thanks to a biomechanical assessment, they also determine the best way to help the athlete improve their movements, prevent injuries, and increase their performance. The podiatrist can prescribe plantar orthotics that will let you compensate for the weakness of your foot and reduce your discomfort and fatigue, improve the quality of your movements, and limit the appearance of blisters on the arch of your foot. For growing children, plantar orthotics can even help improve the mechanics of the foot and correct their posture.

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