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When a toenail pushes under the skin into the flesh, it causes inflammation and pain and can get infected. The causes of ingrown toenails, which most often affect the big toe, are multiple: they can be caused by trauma, bad posture while walking, wearing shoes that are too tight or too pointed, or improper nail cutting.

If you’re suffering from an ingrown toenail, the podiatrist will advise you on the choice of shoes and on the right way to cut your nails, and they will perform a suitable treatment according to the seriousness of your case. If necessary, and especially in the event of a recurrence, they will perform a minor surgery.

People with diabetes who are suffering from an ingrown toenail should consult a podiatrist immediately before it gets infected, because diabetes reduces their ability to fight infections and makes it harder to heal wounds.

Treat your ingrown

toenails without delay

Don’t wait for the pain to become unbearable or the ingrown toenail to get infected. Book an appointment with the PiedRéseau Villeray Podiatric Clinic, so that we can cut the nail properly, treat it quickly with the most suitable method, and prevent recurrences.

Our podiatrists use safe and effective instruments and techniques to clear the nail. They can insert strands between the nail and the nail bed to lift the nail, relieve the pain, and direct the regrowth out of the flesh. When the techniques for lifting the nail don’t work, or in the event of a recurrence, we recommend a minor surgical operation that usually solves the problem permanently.

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